My Musicians Helper a music knowledge app that comes in two editions (see below). Both editions come with a core set of tools that can be used used for practical and/or educational purposes.

  1. Education Edition: PLEASE NOTE: This Edition includes access to My Musicians Helper Virtual Learning Environment. Recommended for persons interested in using our method and studying under our staff of qualified, experienced, piano teachers and music educators. You will receive a systematic study in Theory of Music and Applied Piano.

  2. Pro Edition: PLEASE NOTE: This Edition does not include access to My Musicians Helper Virtual Learning Environment Recommended for persons whith a solid background in Rudiments of Music. Include all music theory tools. Also includes access to live and recorded lectures, news, information, etc. about music and the music business. include powerful music tools and learning aids e.g. Chord and performance technique, persons presently studying with other piano teachers, songwriters, singers, and anyon interested in improving their music knowledge...
  3. Tools and Learning Aids:My Musicians Helper App includes a number of powerful tools and learning aids.


My Musicians Helper comes in two editions. Each has a separate policy. 1) Education Edition pricing policy is a recurring payment policy. 2) Pro Edition pricing policy policy a one time payment policy (see below for more details)
    $49.99/month Recurring fees, one time course private study hall set-up fee/course ($10.00), all upgrades
    This edition includes My Musicians Helper App, all tools and learning aids. Each subscriber has his or her private study hall, lessons, master classes taught by our staff instructors and music educators and much more (requires one time setup fee usually $10.00) ALL FEATURES, LIVE INTERACTIVE MASTER CLASSES and ALL UPGRADES. There is a one time private study hall setup fee (usually $10.00).
    SPECIAL OFFER Subscribe today and get two students for the price of one. NOTICE: software installed on one PC computer or laptop.

    $79.99 One time fee, includes all upgrades
    LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER Order today and get $10.00 discount software installed on one PC computer or laptop.


Education Edition - Private Study Hall This video is a very short preview of our Beginners Course. Notice the column to the left, there you see some features of your private study hall. As you watch the video, notice how you are guided by avatars. Also note that we provide you with a detailed study plan for each lesson. These and other tools and learning aids, allow you to prepare for your master classes. To continue, click the play button...
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Pro Edition: Powerful music theory reference tool. Include chord, scale, interval calculators. Indespensible to songwriters, singers, music students, etc. This edition does not include Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
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My Musicians Helper App comes in two editions:
  1. Education Edition: Designed for our online piano lesson classes. It it includes access to My Musicisns Helper Virtual learning Environment (VLE), Tools, Learning Aids, and access to Master Classes taught by My Musicians Helper's staff instructors and music educators. persons who qualifiy as Affiliates are paid a recurring commission payment per subscription sale.
  2. Pro Edition: Designed for persons who want or need My Musicians Helper tools and aids but not My Musicians Helper VLE. Qualifying affiliates are paid a one time commission on each sale)
    Read recomendations below before deciding which program fits your strategy.
  1. RECOMMENDED FOR: Website owners (Pro Edition and Education Edition), Can also be used fo school, church, etc. fund raising projects.
  2. ALSO FOR: PRIVATE MUSIC TEACHERS (use Use My Musicians Helper tools and learning aids to increase your students learning efficiency (Pro Edition only), earn generous commission on each sale.
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    Music is a powerful cultural and educative tool that can serve two objectives ranging from the artistic beauty and pleasure of a concert to the pathos of a funeral. The other function is biological. Music can be used as a tool to maximize learning efficiency and raise students test scores
  4. RECOMMENDED FOR: Government and large private schools. Licence our White Label products and services, including our app and Virtual Learning Environment. Determine your level of control over staff management. You decide site management policies, learning plans, Master Classes. We customize to meet your needs.
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